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Specification Resources

An online resource providing architects and engineers with building product information, specifications, CAD details, and BIM.

A comprehensive specification software designed to assist architects and engineers in creating detailed specifications for construction projects.

A digital platform offering a vast library of Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects for architects and designers.

Specification Downloads

Fire Trol prefabricated fireproof columns specifications guide preview image

NEW! Fire Trol Specification Guide

Download our NEW Specification Guide that breaks down product shape and size availability. 

Fire Trol Fireproof Sample Specification Sheet

Download our Sample Specification sheet in Microsoft Word Doc form. 

Fire Trol Fireproof CSI 3-Part Specification

Download our CSI Specification sheet in Microsoft Word Doc form. 

Fire Trol Fireproof Spec-Data Sheet

Download our Construct Connect Spec-Data sheet in PDF form. 

Fire Trol CAD DWGs and PDFs

For easy access to our CAD DWGS and PDF’s view details available on our product page by shape, or on ARCAT

Learn More

Learn more about how Fire Trol's prefabricated fireproof columns create vital safety alternatives for architects.