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About Us

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Factory Fireproofing

Eliminating the need for field labor to apply other forms of fireproof coatings

Consistent Quality

Rigorous quality control performed by our in-shop AISC certified professionals.

Increased Durability & Ruggedness

Decreased long-term maintenance costs and the added durability with exterior steel shells.

Increased Production Times

Columns delivered to site completely fireproofed and ready for erection.

Fire Trol's History

In 1933, Thomas F. Lally founded the Lally Bros. Company, which specialized in fabricating the concrete-filled steel “Lally” columns. The company later pioneered and promoted the use of square and rectangular steel columns in building construction which provided the architectural community with a new tool for contemporary building design.

The Lally brothers saw that architects and engineers needed a product that had the strength and beauty of their painted steel column but could also provide a certified fire resistance rating. After extensive research and testing, they developed the very first prefabricated fireproofed steel column in the late fifties. This new column was the first of its type to receive Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. approval and labeling. The Lally brothers named it Fire Trol.

In 1961, The Fire Trol Corporation was formed to market and manufacture the new column design. This was the first company to offer pre-fireproofed columns that arrived at the jobsite ready to erect.  Their smooth, steel surface, along with the Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. symbol of quality and safety made them perfect for use where columns were exposed and required a certified fire rating.  The architectural community adopted these columns immediately, and has incorporated them into their designs ever since.

From the beginning, Fire Trol has focused on product reliability. The company knows architects and engineers need complete confidence in the structural products they specify – which is why Fire Trol only uses steel and concrete that meet or exceed UL regulations and client specifications.

In 2021, Fire Trol is committed to educating the architecture, engineering, and construction industries on fire safety. Fire Trol columns are manufactured using the latest construction and material standards. We are column specialists, and our experience enables us to offer you the maximum in service and the utmost in quality.


Predictable Scheduling

Fire Trol Fireproof Columns are delivered right to the site complete and ready for erection.

No Additional Trades Needed

Other than steel erectors, no other trades are needed.

Added Security & Confidence

When you work with Fire Trol Fireproof Columns you can feel confident and secure that a great job will be done. We are an AISC-certified structural fireproof column fabricator.

Return Customers

98% of our customers say they would hire Fire Trol again!

Years In A Row

We focus on safety – and have 20 years’ worth of awards to prove it!

On Time Delivery

We meet (or beat) client schedules 98% of the time!

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