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The Buildings Show

Join us at The Buildings Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in South Toronto, Canada from November 29-December 1, 2023!

Who is The Buildings Show for?

The Buildings Show stands as the ultimate gathering for professionals across Canada’s diverse building industry spectrum. This event caters to architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors, and product representatives alike, providing a dynamic platform for networking and knowledge sharing. Attendees seize the perfect opportunity to forge connections with peers, delve into invaluable industry insights, and stay at the forefront of emerging products and trends.


Why Should You Attend The Buildings Show?

  1. Gain Cutting-Edge Knowledge: With unfettered access to expert-led seminars, panels, and demonstrations, you can expand your industry knowledge, stay updated on best practices, and engage in powerful conversations with industry experts.


  1. Earn Continuing Education Credits: Attend workshops and seminars to secure education credits accredited by BOMI, BSSB, CAHPI, OAA, and ARIDO. Continuing education hours are required in many states to maintain licenses. This is a great opportunity to get more credits under your belt.


  1. Discover Innovative Solutions: Explore the latest materials, technologies, and services that are shaping the future of the industry. Take advantage of expert-guided hands-on experience.


  1. Network with Industry Peers: Professional relationships can be instrumental in career growth and business development. Forge valuable connections with professionals across the building industry, gaining insights into industry trends, challenges, and expanding your business network.


  1. Access to Industry Experts: Interact with and learn from industry experts who share the latest research, standards, and information in the field of construction and renovation, enhancing your expertise and opening doors to new opportunities.

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Why is The Buildings Show Important?

By attending The Buildings Show, you can foster important relationships with industry professionals, gain and exchange insights, and expand your professional network. Attendees will experience tailored education and material sourcing opportunities, shaping the future of the construction and renovation sector.