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Support Sustainable Building Design with Prefabricated Fireproof Columns

Go green! You’ve heard it in your personal life, and chances are you’ve heard it in the industry you’re in, whether architecture, business, or construction. With talk of climate change, landfills, oil leaks, and carbon emissions, there’s a lot to consider when moving forward with daily procedures in your profession. Sustainable building design and sustainable construction are hot topics, and we’re going to address them and hopefully give you a solution to becoming more environmentally friendly!

Let’s build it green!

Why Sustainability is Important in Construction and Architecture

You might be wondering, why can’t we just keep going on with the procedures and processes we’ve been following for years? Construction and architecture have a huge impact on our environment. Think about all of the buildings in your city alone. Then add in bridges, houses, and roads; it adds up!

Implementing building materials and building processes that promote greener building and lower carbon emissions is better for the environment and for the people inside the buildings. Green buildings have shown to improve cognitive function scores by 61 percent compared to the same employees working in a normal building.

Also, sustainable construction methods like cutting materials exactly and recycling on-site will help reduce construction waste which is a big contributor to annual national waste. With 30% of delivered building materials ending up as waste, it can be as simple as managing the construction site and implementing waste management systems.

Building green and implementing sustainable building design will also help boost the economy because it will open up new jobs in construction. The USGBC reported that the green building industry contributed $134.3 billion of labor income to US workers. That makes it a major economic driver in the country.

Sustainability in construction and architecture is important because it promotes efficient energy use and renewable energy sources while on the job site which lessens the negative effects that the industry has had on the environment in the past.

Impact of the Manufacturing Process

If you’re already implementing greener building processes, you’re not necessarily in the clear. Sustainable building design also involves construction companies and architecture firms researching the green-building-sustainable-constructioncompanies they are getting their building materials from. The manufacturing process of most building materials has a negative impact on the environment.

Manufacturing factories negatively impact the environment by releasing air pollutant emissions, toxic waste, and are even known to contaminate nearby water. A few years ago, it was found that manufacturing facilities were “responsible for nearly two-thirds of the emissions to blame for global climate change.”

Research how building materials are being made. If the manufacturer is releasing tons of carbon emissions to produce the building products you’re using, then your building isn’t truly green nor is it helping the environment.

Significance of “Made in the U.S.A”

Most of the time with consumer goods, there’s a little label with the country of origin printed very small somewhere on the item. With building materials, the only way to know where the building materials are being manufactured is by researching the company and trusting them.

But why does it matter where building materials are manufactured and produced? When talking about sustainable building design and sustainable construction, lowering carbon emissions is the top focus. When shipping building materials to a job site, the shorter those products have to travel, the less fuel being used which will ultimately result in fewer carbon emissions from the building project.

It’s more than patriotism and supporting homeland businesses, “Made in the U.S.A” improves building and construction sustainability.

Next Steps to Sustainable Building Design

Finding building materials in the US that are manufactured with environmentally-friendly processes can be a task. In your next building design, trust Fire Trol prefabricated fireproof columns to support your sustainable building design.fire-trol-fireproof-columns-prefabricated-sustainable

Fire Trol sources all raw materials locally or regionally without sacrificing quality which means less carbon emissions from transporting our products. Our fireproof columns are built upon a strong environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

Even our product itself is a safer and more environmentally-friendly option compared to spray fireproofing, which is done on-site using harmful chemicals. Our prefabricated fireproof columns arrive ready for installation with no additional labor needed after in place. No harmful sprays mean no putting your team and client at risk.

Fire Trol is also passionate about being socially responsible. Our team stays up to date on building codes and additional findings in the industry to ensure that our product is safe. We rely heavily on the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) as a partner and resource in the industry.

It’s time to build green and build better. Contact Fire Trol today to learn more about our prefabricated fireproof columns and our support for sustainable building and construction.

Take a look at our spec sheets to read the relevant build and material information too!