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Prefabricated Fireproof Columns: Vital for Architectural Safety

When developing new building designs, architects and designers must take many factors into consideration; one of the most important is fire safety. Fortunately, with today’s technology, builders have a variety of active and passive safety solutions to choose from when designing a building. Implement fire safety measures into your design by using fireproof building materials, like Fire Trol prefabricated fireproof columns, to make sure your buildings are safe and meet UL regulations.

It’s no secret that a fire can leave a structure completely devastated, sometimes within minutes. Fire Trol fireproof columns are designed to provide additional exterior or interior support, as well as prevent the spread of fire itself. They are an invaluable resource when it comes to commercial building safety concerns.

Prefabricated Fireproof Columns vs. Traditional Steel Columns

Prefabricated fireproof columns are manufactured and fully fireproofed at an AISC certified facility, like Fire Trol. Unlike traditional steel columns, these prefabricated columns are designed with fire protection in mind.

A prefabricated fireproof column negates the need to invest in products designed to protect exposed columns. This helps keep initial costs down while maintaining the structure’s aesthetic appeal, and ultimately, requires less maintenance than other options. Not to mention, with a prefabricated column, there’s no need for additional installation.

Download Fire Trol’s fireproof column manu-spec sheet or take a look at our spec-data sheet for more information.


Other Fireproofing Solutions Are Less Effective

That said, other fire protection options do come with their own range of advantages. However, each tends to fall behind when compared directly with the advantages provided by Fire Trol fireproof columns.

For instance, you may be able to cut costs with spray coating or drywall solutions, but they don’t have long-term durability. Drywall, specifically, can’t withstand durability tests in high traffic areas and requires a lot of additional maintenance to function as intended. Concrete is both durable and requires little maintenance, but it’s not pleasing to the eye and can be quite costly.

Of the available options, Fire Trol’s fireproof columns are the only choice that checks off all the following boxes:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Reduced Size
  • Little to No Long-Term Maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • No additional trades needed onsite

Benefits of Prefabricated Fireproof Columnsproject-install-of-fire-trol-prefabricated-columns

There are many benefits to Fire Trol fireproof columns, from design options to cost savings. Among the most important considerations is the increased consistency and quality control, as the fireproofing is factory administered. Our prefabricated columns arrive on the job site ready to be erected, requiring no additional labor once they are in place. This allows for streamlined scheduling while construction is underway.

Design Considerations

Fire Trol’s prefabricated fireproof columns can be designed, manufactured, and delivered based on the vision of the architect or designer. Check out our various column shapes and their ratings to find the best fit for your project.

Safety, maintenance, aesthetic appeal, cost savings—when measured against every possible consideration, Fire Trol fireproof columns come out ahead every time. Have questions? Contact Fire Trol and learn how we can help strengthen and streamline your project.