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SCAD – Indian Street Student Housing

SCAD - Indian Street Student Housing

Nestled in the heart of Savannah, Georgia, you will find the SCAD Indian Street project. This 250,000-square-foot residence hall provides hundreds of students housing and creates a landmark visible from downtown Savannah. The design includes semi-suite units, Resident Director apartments, a dining hall, a penthouse event space, and various student amenities.

The project, led by Clayco, is strategically located to offer scenic views of the Savannah River and the historic district. The residence hall, designed by Mackey Mitchell, will be complemented by a parking garage designed by Lamar Johnson Collaborative. The construction utilizes the site’s natural slope for functional design elements, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Fire Trol fabricated 35 2-hour-rated type OO & SS columns for the project, which prioritizes both aesthetic appeal and functionality and addresses the evolving needs of the students attending SCAD. These columns were meticulously designed to ensure that they not only meet the rigid safety requirements but also contribute to the overall quality of the space.

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LocationSavannah, GA
ArchitectMackey Mitchel Architects
Building TypeResidential