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Fireproof Columns: FAQs from the Building Industry

Fire Trol team members actively participate in AIA and CSI events throughout the year. In addition, as an AIA Continuing Education Provider, we facilitate numerous live and virtual AIA CE events. We know it’s important that we educate the building industry on our prefabricated fireproof columns while also supporting architects in obtaining LUs.

For this reason, Fire Trol hosts regular webinars on our prefabricated fireproof columns for those in the building industry. These webinars provide continuing education credits from the American Institute of Architects.

Many questions arise as a result of our interactions with the AEC community. As such, we thought it might be best to address some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

How Do Fire Trol Prefabricated Fireproof Columns Support Sustainability?

There are several ways that Fire Trol’s prefabricated fireproof columns support sustainable building development.

  • Reduced Material Waste: Prefabricated fireproof columns are manufactured off-site and transported to the construction site. This reduces the amount of waste generated during construction. The factory-controlled environment allows for efficient use of materials, minimizing the amount of waste generated during the production process.
  • Energy Efficiency: Fire Trol’s fireproof columns are designed with energy efficiency in mind. This is achieved through the use of sustainable materials, such as recycled steel or concrete. There are likewise energy-saving features incorporated into the design, such as insulation.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Prefabricated fireproof columns help reduce the environmental impact of construction projects. They are manufactured using sustainable materials and methods, and the factory-controlled environment allows for the efficient use of resources.

Overall, prefabricated fireproof columns can support sustainability by reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing safety in construction projects.

How Does Prefabrication Save Money?

Prefabrication can save money in the building industry in several ways:

  • Reduced labor costs: Prefabricated components are manufactured in a controlled environment with specialized machinery and skilled workers. This can lead to significant cost savings on construction sites, as it reduces the need for on-site labor.
  • Faster construction time: As prefabricated components are manufactured off-site, there is no need to wait to prepare the construction site. This allows for faster installation and completion times. Ultimately, this reduces the amount of time required to complete a project, saving money on labor and other construction-related costs.
  • Reduced waste: Prefabricated components are often manufactured to exact specifications, reducing the amount of waste generated during the construction process. This can lead to lower disposal costs and a more sustainable building process.
  • Improved quality: As components are manufactured in a controlled environment, the quality and consistency of the final product is often superior. This can reduce the need for rework or repairs, which saves money and time.
  • Lower material costs: Manufacturers can purchase materials in bulk and take advantage of economies of scale.

Specifically, as it applies to Fire Trol columns, cost savings occur in a number of ways:

  • No on-site fireproofing is required. No additional trades, which can hold up construction, need to be called onsite.
  • No special inspections are needed. Fire Trol columns are all certified with a 2, 3, or 4-hour UL rating.
  • No additional materials, like column covers, are needed. Fire Trol prefabricated fireproof columns arrive ready for installation and in the aesthetic that complements the project.
  • As the outer shell is steel, which provides ultimate protection for the fireproofing material, repairs and replacements are not a concern.

Is There a Risk of Paint Damage During the Shipping Process?

There is not. All Fire Trol columns are shipped with a thin layer of primer on the outer steel shell. We recommend painting the final color on the columns at the completion stage of construction.

What is Your Distribution Range for Columns?

Fire Trol is pleased to ship our prefabricated fireproof columns throughout the United States and Canada.

Are Fire Trol Columns for New Construction or Renovations?

The most common application of our columns is new construction. Columns are designed to meet fire codes and reinforce the structural integrity of a building. As such, they are typically included in the early stages of construction.

That said, Fire Trol columns can be found in renovation projects that include new additions.

Can the Outer Shell Design of a Column be Stainless Steel?

Yes, the outer shell design can be stainless steel. The outer shell of all our columns must be steel, not aluminum, per Fire Trol’s UL certification. Stainless steel performs perfectly and easily complements the design aesthetic.

Why Use Fire Trol Over Intumescent Coatings or a Column Cover?

The fireproofing material in Fire Trol columns is always protected by the steel shell and never exposed to outside elements. The same cannot be said with intumescent coatings.

Likewise, as Fire Trol columns are completely fabricated, no additional fireproofing needs to take place on-site. Again, the same cannot be said for intumescent coatings.

Column covers can double or triple the cost of the column, compared to working with Fire Trol. These covers also enhance the columns’ diameter by nearly 40%.

The steel shell on Fire Trol’s fireproof columns provides additional durability not found in aluminum column covers. This results in little to no long-term maintenance.

Have more questions about Fire Trol prefabricated fireproof columns? Call us at 860.610.4084 or send us an email at info@fire-trol.com, and we’ll be happy to provide you with an answer.