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How to Enhance Aesthetics of Projects with Prefabricated Steel Columns

While architecture and building design is more than aesthetics, the aesthetics of a building are still a key driver when architects and designers are deciding on which building materials, material finishes, and interior or exterior design options to use.

We know there’s a lot of aesthetically-pleasing options out there that can enhance the design of your building, but not all incorporate utility—specifically fire-safety. An architect may want to step away from the standard practice of aesthetics and open the eyes of their clients to new aesthetics that offer the structure utility and durability.

Importance of Aesthetics in Column Design

Aesthetics are vital for both the architect’s reputation and the client’s perception of the architect’s performance. One way to enhance aesthetics in a building’s design is by using the column in its two purposes: functionally and aesthetically.

A column at its core purpose is used for structural support, but over time, the once boring, round pillar has found additional purpose in sculptural support. One column in the corner of a room can change the whole room’s energy, qualities, and mood.


An architect can choose to make the column the focal point of the room or choose for the column to carry out the theme of the building design (contemporary, traditional stone, etc). A column can tell the story of the rest of the structure, all while serving its ultimate purpose to transfer the compressive load of a ceiling, roof, or beam to a floor or its foundations.

Imagine a column that provides structural support, aesthetic enhancements, and fire protection. Fire Trol prefabricated fireproof columns provide just that with our 2, 3, or 4 UL Rated steel column products! The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice your design for structural integrity or fire-safety.

Enhance Aesthetics with Column Shapes

At Fire Trol we know that a large contributor to a building’s aesthetics are the shapes created by the designer to communicate the overall feel of the structure. Our fireproof columns won’t limit you to round or square columns. We have three different column shapes that most architects use, but custom column designs are also available.

With Fire Trol, architects and designers can get creative just by changing column shapes and this helps enhance aesthetics as angles are created by the columns implemented in the design. Our steel columns offer a more narrow, sleek design than traditional steel columns too.

How do we do this while also fireproofing the column? The prefabricated finish has fire-resistive components integrated into the column unlike traditional steel columns with after market spray-on coatings. Coatings can add thickness and unevenness in the finish which is why our columns are 30% smaller than steel columns that use other methods of fireproofing.

From OS to RH product shapes, every column offers more than an aesthetically-pleasing design and durable, structural support. All columns are UL Rated and arrive on site ready to be erected without the need for additional field labor once installed.

Enhance Aesthetics with Column Finishes

The finish of a column will also add or take away from the overall building aesthetic.


A stainless-steel column finish is durable, strong, aesthetically-pleasing, and sustainable. Stainless steel itself has been used in kitchens since its invention, but it offers many benefits to the architecture industry as well like enhancing natural light, conserving energy, conserving natural resources, and many more.

Primed finishing offers the same durability and strength while increasing the ability of customization. Primed columns are typically grey but they can be custom-primed. This process takes more time, however.

Architects and designers can save time and money with the grey-primed column because most decide to paint the columns post installation. All but the stainless columns can be customized by paint color, and with Fire Trol you’re able to start the painting process sooner. Our fabricators and column installers work hard to ensure on-time delivery and quick installment, so your project stays on schedule.

Whichever finish a designer chooses, both options cover layers of fire safety protection. Fire Trol prefabricated fireproof steel columns consist of 4 different layers: (1) Concrete (2) Structural Steel (3) Fire Trol’s fireproofing material (4) Outer steel shell.


Choose Fire Trol for Your Next Column Design

Fire Trol columns are complimentary to the total design of each project we’ve been a part of. You can see our columns in real-life by viewing our portfolio.

Whether you’re designing or constructing an educational facility, hospital, commercial building, or residential building, you can trust Fire Trol products to support, protect, and keep the building occupants safe. Fire Trol is backed by over 50 years of performance and we keep quality-control a priority.

Contact us today to receive a quote or call us at 860-610-4084 to learn more about who we are. Enhance your design with Fire Trol prefabricated fireproof steel columns!