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Architectural Specifications and Considerations for Division 05 Materials

What if we told you that you could save time and money on any job by using an established product manufacturer’s specification guide that follows CSI’s 3-part SectionFormat™?

What is a CSI 3-Part Specification?

The sole purpose of architectural specifications is to relay information to engineers, installers, and construction managers who are over a specific project. A CSI 3-part specification guide has three parts to it, as the name implies: General, Products, and Execution.

Each part then provides a standardized format of presenting accurate product information, either written by the architect or pre-written by the building material manufacturer. This standardized format is developed by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).

Robert Osborn explains that “CSI publishes MasterFormat, which establishes divisions and broad categories for project-related activities such as procurement, contracting, general requirements and different types of construction (e.g. Masonry, Concrete, Electrical, etc.). MasterFormat has a specific numbering system for these divisions.”

MasterFormat’s specific numbering system for different architectural divisions.

Value of Writing a 3-Part Specification

While only 26% of architects write their specs from scratch, 74% are either copying and pasting from previous specs or using previous specs in their entirety. That’s why having a CSI 3-part architectural specification written up is vital to influencing architects to use desired building materials in their upcoming projects and design considerations.

Pre-written specifications give clear instructions to architects and engineers which decreases the risk of human error giving your building materials a bad image or record. No one wants to purchase something again when it causes them trouble or gives them a big headache.

They also ensure quality and standards are met during installation, which helps your material to be seen in good light. There are many other areas that specs add value to like minimizing project risk, supporting project costing, and existing as a living document for the life of the product.

Specifying Division 05: Prefabricated Steel Fireproof Columns

With the value of specifying in mind, Fire Trol has taken the time to write 3-part (and 10-part) specifications for our prefabricated fireproof columns under Division 05.

With our columns already specified, architects and engineers don’t have to spend extra time on projects writing their own specs. They can use the information we have defined, as experts in the industry, to build accurate spec guides for the engineers on the job.

Architects and engineers can access our specifications on our website, and our specs will be accessible through other specification tools shortly.

Another reason why Fire Trol prefabricated fireproof steel columns have been specified is for quality assurance and quality control. With accurate and complete information given upfront about our products, there’s limited room for error when designing and installing.

We offer design assistance and technical support to architects and designers during the specification process of a project – another reason to use our innovative steel columns in your next project.

Fire Trol Design Considerations

Our prefabricated fireproof steel columns answer many design considerations that specification documents don’t show or explicitly say.

Unlike traditional steel columns, our prefabricated fireproof columns are designed and manufactured with fire safety in mind. This negates the need to invest in products designed to protect exposed columns. Ultimately, keeping the initial costs down while maintaining the structure’s aesthetic appeal.

Fire Trol fireproof columns are tested, rated, and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. for fire retardant classifications of 2, 3, and 4 hours.surfside-on-the-lake-fire-trol-fireproof-columns

Our columns are sustainable and require less maintenance than other options. Once erected, there’s no need for additional trades on the job site either. Additionally, at Fire Trol, we keep sustainability at the forefront of our productions. Our product eliminates the need to spray harmful chemicals and substances on job sites for workers to breathe in.

You may expect an innovative solution like this to cost you more, but when our prefabricated fireproof columns are compared to other options available in the market, the benefits and the cost savings show an unexpected outcome.

Consider a New Material from Division 05

Looking for a better-performing steel column? Ready to save time and money by using already specified products in your next project? Fire Trol prefabricated fireproof steel columns are your answer. Explore our various steel column shapes available.

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