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Different Types of Architectural Columns and Benefits to Each

Everyone agrees that business partners should be chosen with care, much like friends. They should be trust-worthy and supportive. When developing new buildings or projects, you need architectural columns you can trust.

Choosing the right column for a project is important. As you know, architectural columns have a main purpose of structural reinforcement and are designed to improve the safety of the structure. However, they also serve other purposes like adding to the aesthetic design and interior decoration of the structure.

Fire Trol fireproof columns check all the boxes. When it comes down to choosing columns, choose durability, safety, design, and sustainability!

Fireproof Columns vs. Other Architectural Columns

Choosing ideal commercial building materials is an important step to ensure a structure is safe and meets building codes. Fortunately, builders and architects have a lot of options to choose from when selecting. A quick Google Search led us to discover over 130 suppliers of steel columns in the United States, and that doesn’t include the manufacturers.

Architectural columns can be manufactured from various types of natural materials like steel, cast stone, brick, timber, and concrete, but what are the differences between each type?

Brick Columns

Brick columns offer high resistance to pests and rotting, and they can add an elegant look to a building. Even though brick columns can withstand large amounts of compressive weight loads, the stability depends completely on the foundation. Not to mention, building the brick columns takes an adequate amount of time and must be done onsite during ideal weather conditions.


Stone Columns

Cast stone columns have been used in building construction since 1138, mostly because of their affordability and prestigious, natural stone aesthetic. Cast stone columns require repointing and routine cleaning to prevent erosion and weathering though.


Timber Columns

Timber columns offer a lightweight, versatile, and easy option for commercial architectural building and design. They can even add to the aesthetic of a building and be the main focus in the building design. However, timber columns lack in durability, longevity, and safety enhancements. Wood columns do not offer a structure extended fire resistance.


Concrete Columns

Concrete columns (reinforced concrete) have a high compressive strength and durability compared to other building materials. They are an affordable option that has low long-term maintenance costs as well. However, the bigger the structure, the more material needed to sustain the strength of the column (when compared to steel columns).


Steel Columns

Steel columns follow concrete’s durability and strength, but steel beams and columns also add sustainable benefits to the build and design. Compared to concrete columns, steel is less fire resistant, requires more long-term maintenance to prevent corrosion, and isn’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Fire Trol Fireproof Columns

The cons of each preceding column type are reasons why Fire Trol has been manufacturing prefabricated fireproof columns since 1945. Manufactured using layers of concrete, structural steel, and a special proprietary insulating material, Fire Trol fireproof columns add value to projects.

Benefits of Using Fire Trol Fireproof Columns:

Fire Trol’s fireproof columns are UL® Certified for up to 4 hours of fire resistance. Also, with over 10 column shapes (plus custom design options) to choose from, the design possibilities are endless! With Fire Trol, you can be confident that your project will not be held up by late deliveries or in-field labor complications.

Take a look at our manu-spec sheet or our spec-data sheet to learn more about the application of Fire Trol fireproof columns in your next project.

Our portfolio has recently been updated to show how Fire Trol can be a stunning addition to any building, from healthcare buildings to education buildings.

If you’re ready to build with an innovative solution that withstands the others, trust Fire Trol fireproof columns! Contact us today for a quote.